KB Zento Goldchampion at the Arabica in Frankfurt

KB Zento - Goldchampion FrankfurtWe are back home from a fabulous weekend at the Arabica in Frankfurt. Our little boy KB Zento (Makisa Adaggio x Kar Zarzarrosa) participated in his very first show – and he was classwinner yearling colts with the highest points of all colts and GOLD CHAMPION at the National C-Show! And he even had the highscore 10 for movement! We couldn’t be happier! A huge thank you to my dearest Mary Lang of Specifically Equine Training Center for the great presentation and to Conny and Michelle Lyall for taking such good care of him – and of me…. And of course to Antonie stürminger-Werner who trained Zento together with Mary to his success!

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