Since years I use my professional skills in press work and marketing also in the world of the Arabian horses. I already wrote articles for german magazines, such as the „Araber Weltweit“ and as well for international magazines as the „Tutto Arabi“. Here you can find a few examples of my work.

  • 30 Years Karolinenhof „A passionate dance with Spanish Arabians“, erschienen in der Araber Weltweit 1/2009

    30 years Karolinenhof, that’s 30 years of history in the Arabian industry, with all the highs and lows such a history entails. From a breeder’s joys and sorrows, from the raising of foals, training, and showing to the development of new marketing strategies or supporting new breeders in building a stud. But most of all, it means 30 years of passion for Spanish Arabians.Click here to read the full article (pdf-file).

  • Woman Power and beautiful horses – Mary Lang and the Specifically Equine Training Center
    erschienen in der Tutto Arabi 1/2009.

    2009 was a great new start for the Specifically Equine Training Center and its owner Mary Lang. The young and successful trainer moved to a new facility located in Austria, very close to the german border. “The farm is located in the beautiful city of Lauterach, just ten minutes from Germany and close to the well known city of Bregenz at the Lake Constance”, tells Mary. That gives her the perfect opportunity to be very close to all of her german clients and in a good position for her clients from Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France as well. Click here to read the full article (pdf-file).