About us


KB Zaraguel as a foal

Since I was a little child I have been in love with horses. At six years of age I started riding and I soon discovered that my love for these animals would not only be for only a summer…While spending my holidays at my grandmas home in Bad Waldsee as a teenager I got the opportunity to visit the beautiful arabian horse farm “Karolinenhof”, owned by the family Jung and famous for its spanish arabians. And there it happened – I rode my first Arabian, a purebred Russian mare called Pirania (Naslednik x Patriotka) and got infected with the virus called “arabitis” – a forever lasting love to the Arabian horse. Pirania was 16 years old at that time, a former racehorse in Tersk/Russia and the best riding companion I could ever imagine. I was incredibly sad, when I discovered that Pirania was to be sold and completely overwhelmed when my parents – with a little help of Dr. Niko Jung – agreed that Pirania should stay with us and in Bad Waldsee at “her” farm for the rest of her live. She was the only Russian bred mare at a farm full of Spanish Arabian horses at that time! Pirania was my first horse, the mare that taught me more than people could ever do, my best friend and my big horselove. I lost Pirania when she was 23, but she will always have a big place in my heart. She introduced me into a world that is a big part of my life today.

BS Specific

BS Specific and me

More than ten years ago I also started to work with Specifically Equine Training Center. Together with that great team I traveled to some of the most prestigious horse shows in the world and I got the opportunity to work with some pearls of the Arabian breed like Gelgelah Albadeia, Marajj or Dakharo. An unforgettable moment was when the famous Gazal al Shaqab was crowned worldchampion with us in 2001. Two other horses that will always be special to me are Redwood Lodge Abadaar and my horsey love BS Specific, European champion 2007.




But beside all the travelling to shows, my studying and my work as a press officer, the Karolinenhof-farm stayed a big and important part in my life. Four years ago I got the opportunity to lease one of their most beautiful broodmares Kar Zarzarrosa. I bred her to QR Marc and I am more than happy with the resulting filly, my beloved KB Zaraguel alias “Zutzl”. My family and me soon decided that both mares should stay with us and thanks to the loving support of my wonderful parents we decided all together to found our small breed under the name of KB Arabians. Our goal is to breed Arabian horses that combine power, beauty and a sweet character. We will only breed our mares whenever we feel like we found a stallion that meets all our expectations and we do not want to produce many foals at a time.

If you have any questions, please fell free to contact us for further information.

pictures by Düsipics, Bianca Kuras and Conny Senti, all rights reserved.