Abha Hamir and her legacy – a legend of the spanish arabian breed

Recently I found a very interesting article about the spanish legend Abha Hamir, published by Tutto Arabi Magazine. Abha Hamir (Bambu x Garbi) was a spanish arabian mare that had a major influence on the breeding program of the worldfamous studfarm SesPlanes in mallorca. Ses Planes-owner Marieta Salas wrote the article herself. What is special about Abha Hamir to us: She was the mother of Abha Harim and therefore is the grandmother of our beloved Kar Zarzarrosa and and grandgrandmum to her children KB Zento and KB Zaraguel!

Abha Hamir and her excellent legacy, by Marieta Salas, published in Tutto Arabi Magazine

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